Roger Kent, M.A., PMP, PMI-ACP

Roger 2014 HeadshotRoger Kent, viagra buy try PMP, cialis buy PMI-ACP

Roger has facilitated Project Management workshops for 20 years on four continents. He prefers the term “facilitation” rather than “training” because most Emotional Intelligence skills are just deep common sense. We just need to be reminded that we know them. And “training” is what we do with dogs.

He has worked on projects at HP, CapitalOne, United Airlines, VISA and the City of San Francisco. While the processes of Project Management may be important, he long ago understood that no project ever failed because someone got the Gantt chart wrong. It’s always about people – communication, leadership, and motivation.

Roger graduated magna cum laude in English from Cornell University. As part of his final Master’s thesis in Communication at Vermont College he delivered the same lecture on linguistic theory (Fifty Words for Snow: Does language effect perception?) in English, French Italian or German. An accomplished playwright and screenwriter he’s fascinated with how the stories we tell ourselves create our reality. “A gazillion stories run around in our heads every day about work, family, society and the universe. Maturity consists of learning to tell ourselves the right story in the right moment that serves others and ourselves.”