62 Project startup workshops

Project Start Up Workshops – Your Insurance Policy

The word has come down from on high. Your flagship product needs a major revision. IT must completely redo how they support the supply chain. A regulatory deadline everybody forgot suddenly looms large.

Do you have any idea if you even can successfully fulfill the minimum requirements by the expected date with the resources and budget you have been given?

Project Startup Workshops collect stakeholders and SME’s in the same room to find out.

Day One: We hash out a high level Charter, viagra generic pilule clarifying the business case, remedy bringing show-stopper risks to the light of day, decease mapping out the stakeholder community. We hammer out a simple description of what we are supposed to do, when are we supposed to complete it and how much do we expect to spend.

Day Two: We put together a plan that tells us whether or not we will be successful based on the dictates of day one. What if we find out that the project has currently envisioned is a hopeless, money-burning, death march? Could you have bitten off more salami than your crew can chew?

Day Three (Optional) We carry on creating a detailed Risk Management strategy and nailing down quality and project control processes. If we find out on Day Two there’s no way we can push the pig through the python in the rush required, we replan to determine what is feasible